25-Year System Warranty Program

 Keeping Your World Connected ....Guaranteed

25-Year Connectivity/Cabling System Limited Warranty


It's Comprehensive

If it's part of the link - the lifeline that keeps your networks running - then it's covered by the Signamax 25-Year Connectivity/Cabling System Limited Warranty. From our patch panels and 110 cross connect systems to our outlet products - to the cable that links it all together - our warranty program gives you the assurance that you need in the world of constant changing network technology.

When you work with a Signamax Certified Installation/Design Partner - and that installer specifies and installs the Signamax Category 5e+ or Category 6+ Connectivity/Cabling System, including cables from our list of approved cable manufacturers - you can rest easy. Because our warranty assures that your system will be free from defects: will meet or exceed EIA/TIA 568-B Permanent Link and Channel performance specifications (in effect at the time of manufacturer): and will support any current or future application designed to operate over the applicable Connectivity/Cabling System (in effect at the time of manufacture). You're covered for material and labor for 25-years from the date your installation is approved and registered with Signamax.


It's Flexible

If there's one thing your network is guaranteed to do, it's change. The Signamax 25-Year Connectivity/Cabling System Limited Warranty stays with you through the inevitable move, add and changes that can create network trouble - assuring the reliability of your connectivity/cabling infrastructure long after the initial installation. As long as those changes are made with Signamax material, performed by a Signamax Certified Installation/Design Partner, and registered with Signamax, they're covered by our warranty.


It's Direct

The Signamax 25-Year Connectivity Systems Limited Warranty provides a direct line form supplied to customer - offering a single point of contact and greater accountability. In the event of a problem with your registered connectivity/cabling system, you can contact Signamax directly to get the resolution process moving fast.


It Keeps You Current

Buying system component in today's fast changing world might seem like a gamble. But not if you have the Signamax 25-Year Connectivity/Cabling System Limited Warranty in place. It assures your connectivity/cabling infrastructure will meet or exceed current Permanent Link and Channel specifications. With Signamax Connectivity Systems highest quality connectivity products offering plenty of "head room" and carefully selected cabling partners - you can be assured that tomorrow's application will perform with your Signamax Connectivity/Cabling System.


It's Led by the Best

The combination of the Signamax Connectivity/Cabling System and our network of Certified Installation/Design Partners offer you the best in the business. Leaders in the field, our Certified Installation/Design Partners are engineering and installation firms that met the stringent requirements of our warranty program. To qualify, these firms must:

  • Offer a full line of cabling system consultation, design and installation services;
  • Register each installation of the Signamax Connectivity/Cabling System with Signamax.
  • Undergo extensive training in the Signamax Connectivity/Cabling before entering the warranty program.
  • Install the Signamax Connectivity/Cabling System only in conjunction with cable products form Signamax qualified manufactures.
  • Adhere to all federal, state and local codes and regulations; BICSI and EIA/TIA 568-B standards.


It's Easy

When you work with Signamax and choose to have your installation protected by the Signamax 25-Year Connectivity/Cabling Limited Warranty simply contact your Signamax sales representative or one of our Certified Installation/Design Partners and ask how to qualify for the coverage.

If at any time you encounter a problem with your Signamax Connectivity/Cabling Systems simply report the problem to Signamax. We'll promptly resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

What's not covered by the Signamax Connectivity/Cabling Limited Warranty? Most importantly: improper maintenance or repair; accident, abuse, misuse or neglect; unauthorized/unregistered changes or attachments; disasters; misuse or failure of connected equipment; or the installation, connection or use of Signamax products not in accordance with the required standards.

At Signamax, we're dedicated to making your business run efficiently, with solutions backed by our 25-Year Limited Warranty that provides the peace of mind you want when selecting a connectivity/cabling infrastructure to support your network. So, if you want to keep your world connected, choose the supplier that can make it happen, Signamax Connectivity System.


Category 6+ Connectivity/Cabling System


Category 5e+ Connectivity/Cabling System


25-Year Connectivity/Cabling System Warranty Statement  


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