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high-density micro distribution cable - 24 Fiber Plenum only

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High-Density Micro Distribution Cable is composed of two contrasting color bound bundles of 12 colored glass optical fibers, aramid yarn, and a PVDF outer jacket. High-Density Micro Distribution Cable is available in 12 TIA standard colors or special-order colors. UL Listed OFNP cables are available.

Standard surface print denotes construction, NEC rating and fiber type, and includes footage markers.


micro distribution cable

Micro-Distribution cable combines high fiber counts with a compact, space saving design. 2 to 12 colored fibers with aramid yarn are positioned in a 3 mm buffer tube. 8 tubes of 12 fibers are combined to make cables up to 96 fibers. 

Each subunit is numbered for ease of installation with OFNR & OFNP rated constructions available. Fanout Kits are a perfect match with Micro-Distribution.



In comparison to the Micro-distribution cables with 3mm subunits (previous page), the Micro-distribution with 2mm subs offers even more space saving constructions. The smaller subunit (2mm) design allows for up to a 30% smaller footprint. Available with up to 12 subunits containing up to 12 color coded bare fibers, we offer up to 288 fiber products for all data center applications. 

Micro-distribution with 2mm subunits is offered in OFNP constructions only.



Indoor/Outdoor Loose Tube cable has no gel to complicate the termination process. The Dry Loose Tube technology and UV resistant black jacket allow for general outside applications. OFNR and OFNP rated constructions provide the flexibility to be deployed indoors without code constraints. 

Color coded inner tubes each containing 2 to 12 colored bare fibers allow for easy identification.



Distribution Cables are designed for general indoor use. Available in all fiber types, a thick durable jacket offers excellent strength and protection during installations and restorations. The 900μm color coded tight buffers allow for easy identification and termination.

Cables are available in OFNR and OFNP rated constructions and also a LSZH jacket.



A UV resistant jacket available in OFNR or OFNP constructions allow   indoor/outdoor cables to be used for general indoor applications without fire code constraints while have the flexibility for outdoor deployment. 

Constructions consist of 900μm color coded tight buffers and water blocking aramid yarn.


Duplex cables are designed for general patch cord production where consistency and uniformity are vital for fast, efficient terminations. 

Duplex cables are offered in several outside diameter sizes and meet all tooling and termination requirements.


Simplex Cables are designed for general patch cord production where consistency and uniformity are vital for fast efficient terminations. 

Simplex cables are offered in several outside diameter sizes to meet all tooling and termination requirements.


Breakout cable consists of 2mm subunits (other sizes available) with 900μm tight buffers. Combining strength, flexibility and no need for fan-out kits or tubing when terminating, these rugged cables are ideal for indoor and indoor/outdoor applications. 

We offer Breakout cables from 2-18 fiber constructions with OFNR and OFNP ratings.


Flat ribbon cable is compatible with the current industry tools and termination products (mainly MTP and MPO connectors). 

In OFNR and OFNP constructions as well as a LSZH jacket, we offer fiber counts from 2-12. Unrated bare ribbon fiber also available.

ARMOR CABLE - AIA - (Aluminum Interlocking Armor), OFCR and OFCP

Interlocking Armored Cables are standard cables inside a spirally wrapped aluminum strip for enhanced crush resistance and ruggedness. 

Available in Riser and Plenum rated constructions, interlocking armor can be used for general inside plant or indoor / outdoor applications in place of a conduit.


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The 1.6mm, 2mm, 3mm, 3.8mm, and 4.8mm furcation tubing consists of an inner tube surrounded by aramid yarn and an overall PVC jacket. 12 standard colors are available. Inner tubes are available in specific sizes to accept either bare or buffered fibers. 

The 900μm furcation tubing is a single tube designed specifically for the protection and termination of 250μm bare fiber. 12 standard colors in Hytrel® as well as clear PVC are available.


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Individual Tight Buffered fibers are available and are preferred in production environments because of their ease of stripping. 900μm, 800μm and 650μm buffer sizes match existing tooling and fit the vast array of today’s connectors.

12 standard colors are available in all sizes and most fiber types.


The 2mm and 3mm Break Out Kits are used for the quick and simple termination of 900μm tight buffer distribution cables. TIA/EIA color coded furcation tubing allows for the easy identification of the tight buffered fibers and the new and improved inner tubes provide excellent protection against kinking when terminating.


Fan Out Kits are designed for the quick and simple termination of loose tube (bare fiber) products. The three unique clips (included) accept different tube sizes including ribbon, 2mm and 3mm. 

12 standard colors of the 900μm Hytrel® tubes allow for easy identification of fibers.


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The Flat Drop Cable is comprised of bare, colored fiber with water blocking aramid inside a dry 2.5mm buffer tube, The UV resistant polyethylene outer jacket encases the buffer tube along with 2 dielectric FRP strength members. 

All component materials meet the EU and RoHS Directive standards. These cables are perfect for all your Fiber To The Home needs. Manufactured with dry block technology. We offer 1 through 12 fiber counts.